Relaxed shorts - just the same as the relaxed leggings but shorter! loose fitting, yoga waist and cuffed legs. gusset added up to age 2

Harem shorts - loose fitting. hemmed or rolled hem with elastic waist

Retro shorts - just like the name suggests these are just like the shorts from the good old days. Short in the leg with thin bands on the legs and yoga waist.

Boardies - knee length straight fitting with yoga waist. 

Cuffed shorts - Short shorts with cuffed legs and yoga waist

Bummies - The shortest of the shorts, called bummies as they just cover the bum (and a little more) with a choice of cuffed bottom and yoga waist (up to age 5) or elastic waist (up to age 2)

Shorties - If you have someone who loves to cartwheel even when they're wearing a skirt/dress then these are perfect. Better still, thanks to the array of fabrics you can pick they are cool enough to be worn on their own.