About me

This is me, I am a mummy to 3 children - Evie, Darren and Olivia and they are the driving force behind Sunshine and Star.

Sunshine and Star was originally started as a crochet page, a craft I had taught myself after I lost my second child.  It all started with facebook and the page was initially set up to raise money for my local hospital.

In 2017 after giving birth to my rainbow, I decided to try my hand at making clothes. I had never even touched a machine before but teaching myself to crochet I realised that I can in fact do anything I want to do.  I started with making Olivia clothes and soon people were wanting to try them out too.  Its been a long journey to where I am now but with amazing brand reps and return customers the business has really started to take off and I look forward to what the next year brings.