About me

This is me, Mummy to 3 gorgeous kiddies (Evie, Darren & Olivia), a loopy cat called Luna, 3 fish called Sparkle-crystal, Tiddler and Thor and our latest additions to the house our 2 guinea pigs called Spot and Stripe.

Sunshine and Star was originally started as a crochet page, a craft I had taught myself after I lost my second child (Darren).  It all started with facebook and the page was initially set up to raise money for my local hospital.

The clothing side came in 2017 after having Olivia (My rainbow) and I decided that i could follow my dream.  The business has just grown in strength year by year. I am beyond happy that my customers keep returning and choose Sunshine and Star for their children. 

When I am not parenting, or creating clothes, I am working as a technical analyst & I am an area manager for The BodyShop at home (come find me at Embrace Ethical Beauty - shameless plug lol).  My life is pretty busy and with Covid coming and turning life upside down I have come to realise that I spent way to much time working so this is why I have chosen to go down the route of ready made. Its a nerve wracking change but one that will work better with my life. 

Thank you for continuing to support the dream.