Exclusive prints

Here are all the exclusive prints owned by sunshine and star.  

Some have already been printed to fabric, others are awaiting a pre-order. 

Any that have been ordered will show in the in stock section.  Those that are yet to be printed will show in the pre-order section (please check here for latest delivery times).

All prints are either completely exclusive (designed for me, or unique to me) or semi exclusive where the colour is exclusive or the design is shared between 1 or 2 other businesses (our printing will still be different due to scale etc).


bubble hearts

 pinksaurus   greysaurus

rainbow snails   sunshine, star & rainbows      rainbow matrixsmono rainbows - black   candy hearts   raindrops - white   raindrops - black   neon rainbows and suns   trundling tractors   mosiac giraffes   mustard whales   british seaside   rainbow suns   bee happy   khaki dinos   mono rainbows - white   pirates