Pre order Fabrics


If you are ordering something from the preorder section please pay attention to the next delivery date before you order.  If you order with non preorder fabrics your goods will not be sent until the preorder is in (and the turn around commences once i have it in stock) unless you pay additional postage. The easiest way to do this is to place 2 separate orders, but if you are happy for them to all come together and are aware of the wait then one order is fine.


Everything in this section is available for preorder. These are all exclusives and due to the cost implications they are only ordered as needed (at this point). Extras are always ordered but due to limited stock they are placed here. 

Some of these prints will have been ordered previously so it is worth checking the in stock section to see if it is already here.  Otherwise if it hasn't been printed before then the next delivery is shown below (note - as christmas approaches printing may take a little longer so please allow additional time). 

Turn around commences once fabric is here in hand. 

Please message me if you would like to check status. 


 Bird box



bubble hearts

raindrops black   i want to be a dino   neon rainbow and sun   mono rainbow black   sun, star and rainbow   raindrop white   splatter   rainbow snails    trundling tractors   khaki dinosaurs   bee happy   mustard whales   seaside   rainbow suns   mosiac giraffe   candy hearts   rainbow white   

pink rainbows    green rainhows   matrix   pirates      pinksaurus   greysaurusblack rainbows   leopard   

trains   blue woodlandwoodland mustard   mustard swans    grey swan